Objective of the competition

Incubation outstanding cultural and creative projects to achieve the dream of young entrepreneurs

Organizations of the competition

Host: Jiangsu High-Tech Investment Group Co., Ltd., Suzhou Chinese cultural creative design industry Trade Fair

Organizer: vsochina.com

Sponsor: Hangzhou Ding Ming Film Investment Management Co., Ltd., Suzhou Institute of Communication University of

China Communication University of China Guangzhou Research Institute

Special Support: Fortune Venture Capital Co., Ltd., China Science & Merchants Investment Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai

University, City University of Hong Kong SIG, University of Macau, Taiwan University of Arts,

the Chinese Society (Hong Kong Solidarity Fund), the Asian animation culture industry association, DELL , NVDIA, Yaoqi,

slightly comic, Xinhua Daily, the Yangtze Evening News, the modern Express, Students' Art online,

Chinese cultural and creative industries website, Suzhou New District News network, Tencent, Sina, Netease, titanium

media Fourth, active objects

We are looking for

Outstanding creative, thinking ahead, agile, young people with entrepreneurial dreams.

Individual team and studio with excellent cultural and creative projects and commercial prospects

Solicitation of competition works

Cartoons, short animated, indie games, movies and television network & Arts, Screenplay & Fiction

tournament schedule
Call for projects with immediate effect - Sep 30

The entire competition is divided into non-professional group (student group) and professional groups (social group).

Voting stage:Oct 10, 2016 - Nov 15

Voting stage divided into: network voting and experts voted in two stages.

Final Score: network accounting for 30% of the vote and expert review accounted for 70%.

Finals:Dec 20, 2016 - Dec 21

Each group selected a first prize, two second prize, three third prize. Contest to elect an entire network Choice Award.

Incubation:Dec 22, 2016 - -

Excellent investment for the project to get the follow-up incubation services supporting the Blue Ocean Creative Cloud, including:

follow-up financing, special funds, entrepreneurial management, enterprise architecture, branding, venues and expand services.

a) Chong settled passenger space, held monthly salon events, inviting experts to give lectures training.

b) Camp under the original line: The official certification of the student teams or individuals can participate in the original summer camp organized

by the Blue Ocean Creative Cloud, the industry's leading companies carried out a study tour.

c) Incubation Project Roadshow: Exhibitor make recommendations related to the exhibition show.